CPAR’s Transformation Journey Towards a Customized Online Learning Platform

We built an LMS that increased efficiency, reduced costs, and provided better experiences for CPAR.


Feb 2021 - Ongoing (Maintenance)


CPA Review School of the Philippines


Tech Consulting, Maintenance and Support, Web Development, Backend Development, Payment Integration, Digital Adaptation


CPAR's transformation journey was the successful development and implementation of their offline, leading to increased student satisfaction, improved efficiency and cost savings, enhanced technical capabilities, and a competitive advantage in the market.

The CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR) is the leading review center for professional licensure examinations for public accountants in the country.

This case study focuses on CPAR’s challenges in finding a trustworthy development team and adapting to the educational changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The study explores how Gibki continues to address these problems by implementing open communication, collaboration on systems architecture, and developing a customized online learning platform tailored to their needs.

CPAR faced two main problems during its transition to a digital setup:

Lack of Trustworthy Development Team and Costly Compensation

CPAR faced challenges with their existing development team, including a lack of trustworthiness and a disconnect between the high compensation they received and the mediocre solutions they provided. These issues led to delays, dissatisfaction, and losses for CPAR.

Insufficient Learning Platforms during the Pandemic

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional learning methods were no longer viable for CPAR. Existing learning management systems like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle could not meet their specific needs in terms of enrollment, student interactive learning, and online examinations. Moreover, CPAR's staff needed more technical expertise to handle their own technology infrastructure.

To address these, Gibki brought in two things to the organization:

Open Communication and Collaboration

To address the problem, Gibki implemented a culture of open communication between CPAR and the Gibki Team. They encouraged team members to voice their concerns, provide feedback, and share ideas. Additionally, CPAR collaborated with their development team on systems architecture, ensuring that everyone was on the same page regarding project requirements and goals. This approach fostered transparency, accountability, and a shared sense of ownership among team members.

Customized Online Learning Platform

To overcome these challenges, Gibki developed a customized online learning platform for CPAR. This platform included a backend dashboard to manage student enrollments, a Paymongo integration system to automate payments, and dedicated tech support to ensure speedy responses to urgent enrollment and student matters. By customizing the platform, CPAR was able to address its unique requirements, enhance the learning experience for its students, and streamline administrative processes.

The implementation of the customized online learning platform brought several positive outcomes for CPAR:

a. Increased student satisfaction: The tailored platform catered to the specific needs of CPAR's students, offering a seamless enrollment process, interactive learning features, and online examination capabilities.

b. Improved efficiency and cost savings: By automating payment processes through the Paymongo integration system, CPAR reduced manual tasks, enhanced financial accuracy, and saved time and resources.

c. Enhanced technical capabilities: CPAR's staff gained proficiency in managing their own technology infrastructure, enabling them to provide immediate support and adjustments to students and address technical issues promptly.

d. Competitive advantage: The customized online learning platform differentiated CPAR from other review centers by providing a more personalized and comprehensive learning experience.